Simona the Nerd-moji

For my final assignment of the week, I chose to do the “Mashing friends and emojis” mashup assignment. It caught my eye because it was so different from what I would usually consider to be a mashup. I play a lot of musical mashups on my radio show, so I don’t often consider other types of mashups.

The assignment also seemed appropriate because I was doing homework with my friend Simona at the time, and the woman has a way with silly snapchats. I figured if anyone could embody an emoji face, it would be her.

The mashup I produced looks like this:

nerd emoji

It was pretty easy to do. I had Simona pose for me (she was already wearing her glasses, which was ideal). Then I uploaded the picture to my computer, and used Canva to juxtapose it with an enlarged emoji image I found online. I was able to save the combined image straight to my computer, and upload that to Flickr.

I like how it turned out. It’s cute, and Simona and I both got a kick out of it.

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