All My Friends are Winemoms

When I came across the Buzzfeed quiz assignment, I got so excited. I love buzzfeed personality quizzes. My boyfriend mocks me relentlessly for it. I had so many ideas for what to do, it took me a while to narrow them down. Finally I decided on a theme – the moms from my mom’s bookclub.

I’m fascinated by my mom’s bookclub for a couple reasons. It’s relevant, because “wine-mom” culture is so in with the kids these days. Also, the bookclub moms are all such perfect stereotypes.  A friend of mine from highschool also has a mom in bookclub, so he and I discuss it a lot. All of the quiz results are based off of different women I know from the bookclub (names have been changed of course).

Go ahead and take the quiz!

Once I created my Buzzfeed community account, I was able to begin. I started with descriptions of my results, all pulling from big personalities in the bookclub. I exaggerated and fictionalized a bit for comedic effect. Then I went through and developed my questions. The questions were pretty easy – I pulled from the elements of bookclub I find entertaining, like the stereotypical jobs these women hold and the non-book related reasons they joined bookclub. I was surprised by how much I had to work with while writing the questions. I downloaded images to embellish the quiz and make it more fun for the audience, and with that, I published it.

The interesting part is what happened next. I noticed the next morning, while sending the link to my cousin for her to take, that the thumbnail photo was different from the one I uploaded originally. I clicked the link, and found that most of the stock photos I used had been replaced with licensed images Buzzfeed has the rights to (which was kind of frustrating, considering the fact that downloading those pictures was the most time-consuming part of the process). My description of the quiz has been updated to something a little more sassy. When I looked at the top of the page, I saw my quiz was pinned to the front page! I logged onto Twitter, and saw that two Buzzfeed editors followed me, and another one tweeted at me, congratulating me on the quiz.

When I logged into my email, I found the following message.

All in all, I’m forced to conclude that this assignment was a success. Not only did it get popular, but my friends had a lot of fun taking the quiz (they’re mostly winemoms, apparently).

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  1. I’m not too familiar with Buzzfeed quizzes but your theme was too witty to pass up. I really enjoyed learning about the process that went into this assignment. Congrats on the recognition, that’s awesome!

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