Week 12

I’m so tired.

This week, for god knows what reason, I decided to do all of my assignments before doing any of the blog posts. Experimentation I guess?

I started out with the “One Movie Watches Another” assignment, which was 3.5 stars.

Then I did the “Audio & Music Video Mashup” assignment, which was 4 stars.

Next I did the “Inappropriate Laughter” assignment, which was 3.5 stars.

Last I did the “What Color is Your World?” assignment, linked to my superhero character, for 3.5 stars.

For my remixes, I “countrified” “We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch” and “Where’s Waldo?-ed” “Event Advertisement”

As for my daily creates,

I made a pictogram:

and an interesting shadow:



For my final mashup assignment this week, I did the “What Color is Your World?” assignment. I chose the color blue, because that’s my character Little Rascal’s favorite color.

I took pictures throughout the day (at work ,at lunch, at home) of blue objects and uploaded them into a video. I added in Eiffel 65’s “Blue” as the soundtrack because – duh – it’s about a blue world.

The song really is perfect. It gets the point across well.

Inappropriate Laughter

For my third assignment, I did the “Inappropriate Laughter” assignment. I had to find a dramatic scene, and the saddest movie scene I could think of was from “My Girl”.  I was able to find the “He can’t see without his glasses” scene on youtube, and I found a good laughter sound effect on Freesound.org.

I went through the video, and added in the sound effect at opportune times.

The assignment description tasks you with changing the meaning of the clip with laughter, but honestly this scene is so sad that my final result is just eerily disturbing.

Pills for the Mad Hatter

For my second mashup assignment, I did the “Audio & Music Video Mashup” assignment.

The first thing I did was check out some Melanie Martinez music videos, because her videos are always visually engaging. The “Mad Hatter” video is particularly dynamic, especially because the theme of insanity can work with a lot of songs.

I was reminded of St. Vincent’s new single, “Pills”, and I decided to try those two together. I was shocked at how well they worked together. The Alice in Wonderland allusion plays on a drug theme, obviously reflected in “Pills”, and is particularly appropriate in the Doctor’s Office scene in the video.

I’m really pleased with how this turned out.

Lucy Haleception

For my first mashup assignment, I did the “One Movie Watches Another” assignment. I’ve been binge-watching “Pretty Little Liars” as of late, so the first thing that came to mind was the plethora of scenes from the show where Aria is watching Film Noir, which she loves. I found a scene where she and Ezra are watching a film that had a good amount of cuts back and forth to the TV.

As for the movie I replaced it with, I thought it would be funny to feature a movie that Lucy Hale (who plays Aria) was actually in. When I searched her filmography on IMDB, I found that she was in a cheesy ABC Family made for TV movie, which was perfect, because that’s the exact opposite of what the would normally be watching.

The end result is pretty funny. Aria and Ezra’s awkwardness just adds to the comedic effect.

Where’s Waldo?

For my second remix assignment, I remixed the “Event Advertisement” assignment. I was tasked with “Where’s Waldo?”-ing it.

I took Chris’s Lemonade Stand Flyer, and added Waldo to it. This was fairly easy; I found a transparent PNG of Waldo, and added it to Chris’s original in Canva.

Waldo flyer

Country Boys

For my first remix assignment, I “country-fied” one of the “We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch” assignments. I took Courtney’s “The Real Life Hardy Boys“, and gave each of her boys a cowboy hat.

The end result looks like:

Country Boys

I think it’s pretty cute. It was easy to do.

Week 11

This week wasn’t too stressful.

I started with the “Create an intro to a movie” assignment for 4.5 points, which I connected to my superhero character.

Next I did the “Where do your shoes take you?” assignment for 4 points.

Lastly I did the “Life Hacks” assignment for 4 points, which I also connected to my superhero character.

As for my daily creates,

I illustrated an idiom:

Explored a bathroom:

and recreated a picture:

Not Your Average Tutorial

For my final assignment this week, I did the “Life Hacks” assignment. I knew I needed something else to connect to my superhero character, and I got the idea to do a tutorial parody. My tutorial teaches my viewers how to protect themselves against mind-reading.

I incorporated some affectations that beauty bloggers often have to drive home the parody aspect. In the video, I talk about how Little Rascal can read minds, and how you can avoid that using her weakness – rose gold. I think it’s pretty funny, but that may just be me.

Where My Shoes Take Me

For my second video assignment this week, I did the “Where do your shoes take you?” assignment. I thought it’d be simple, just film my feet while walking to class and add some music.

You can view my finished product here:

This was more work than I expected. I ended up having so much footage, because the walk from my apartment to work is over 10 minutes alone. I played around a lot with the speed, and realized that while some parts had to be very fast, others would be lost if they weren’t slower. I had to edit it around to get the pace to something I liked, but I think it turned out okay. The music I found on CC Search, and is credited at the end.